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Let's Talk About Race

On Episode 12, This QPOC Life officially joins the BRIC Media Arts Center family of podcasts. The gang gets a little heavy with the first in a series of intentional discussions on race. Our goal is not only to create a safe and fun listening space for QPOC everywhere. We want to establish meaningful dialog […]

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RPDR: The Origin of Herses

On Episode 11, the gang talks about the return of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 3. On The Tea Colin Kaepernick completes his Million Dollar Pledge with the #10for10 campaign. Visit to learn more/ What are the implications of a government shutdown? How did we get here? Mary and the Witch’s Flower: […]

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Feeling the Final Fantasy

It’s our first Queer Gamer episode on This QPOC Life! We’re focusing on a series that is near and dear to each one of us: Final Fantasy. From fiction to fashion, Final Fantasy has served us some imaginative realness through the decades. What better way to honor the 30 year old series than to gush […]

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New Year! New Slay!

It’s the new year and we’re talking QPOC media this week with none other than one of the foremost and prominent content creators in the realm: Terry Torrington of Slay TV. You might know Terry from his current project Love at First Night or his past projects at Blunted Muse, including, but not limited to […]

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Iowa Old Navy Store Accused of Racial Profiling

Being a person of color (POC) in a store is a unique experience. Very often, we deal with the preconceived, prejudiced and, yes, in fact, racist stereotypes that POC customers steal. This can cause shop clerks and store workers to engage POC customers in a number of ways that they normally would not engage with a white shopper.

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This QPOC Life is a new podcast from the brain behind Edugaytion.

Join Johnathan Gibbs and his friends as they discuss current events and how they navigate queerness as people of color. Sometimes serious, sometimes petty, sometimes downright foolish, but always honest.

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