Iowa Old Navy Store Accused of Racial Profiling

UPDATE: Liz Nunan of Gap Inc. responded to my email stating: At Old Navy, and across Gap Inc., we maintain a ‘zero means zero’ policy and we are actively investigating the situation. We are a company made up of diverse people – from all backgrounds and cultures. We encourage diversity in thought, celebrate diversity in each other […]

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Martin Luther King, Jr. – A Creative Extremist

Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birmingham Mugshot

The Reality of Nonviolence Today, I encourage everyone to read Martin Luther King, Jr.’s letter from a Birmingham, Alabama jail in 1963. In it, MLK, Jr. discusses the idea of “creative extremism.” (Read it here.) Most people I encounter who laud nonviolent action miscomprehend its realities. The picture is one of peaceful protests. A picture […]

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